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Waste Tyre Shredder Machine Prices
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Waste Tyre Shredder Machine Prices

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Waste Tyre Shredder Machine Prices1. Introduction household plastic shredder
Waste Tyre Shredder Machine Prices

 waste tyre shredder machine prices introduction 
The biaxially shredder shear shredder known by shearing, tearing and pressing the material to achieve reduced size, which is mainly used for packing tape shredder, tires, films, bags, and other plastic waste nets Of the broken recycling.
With dual-axis independent drive, unique knife shaft structure and four-angle rotary tool, in the low-speed high-torque production process, there will be no winding axis, or stuck equipment phenomenon, thereby improving the production efficiency.

3. waste tyre shredder machine pricesApplication:
1. Plastic: large head material, engineering plastics, paint barrels, glass
2. Appliances: TV sets, monitors, microwave ovens, dishwashers and other small and medium-sized home appliances shell, electrical equipment
3. Electronic products: computer host shell, hard drive, CD-ROM, battery shell
4. Pipe: PVC, PE, PP and other pipe, urban water supply pipe, drain pipe
5. Wood: logs, pallets. Wood chop board, piece of furniture
6. Rubber: waste car tires, conveyor belt
7. Metal: metal sheet such as copper, aluminum or iron, aluminum castings and crush blocks, motorcycles, car engine housings, oil filters
8. Worn clothes and so on.


Knife Size (mm)
Diameter*Thickness )




Reducer type

Machine Size

DY-400 ?200

Waste Tyre Shredder Machine Prices
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