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Collector Ring
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Collector Ring

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The span cable must be allowed to swivel at the pivot, otherwise it would be wrap itself around the pivot. The device which allows the cable to rotate is called a collector ring.
The collector ring consists of brass rings in a stack that remain stationary and are separated by insulators. Contact brushes revolve around the brass rings providing continuous flow of current without twisting the cable as the machine makes revolutions around the field.
The electrical control calbe is then fed from the collector ring through a pipe which is J-shaped and exist the riser near the top of the riser. The control cable is then routed down the pivot leg along the pivot brace, and into the main control panel.

Mounts on a stainless steel J-Pipe above the upper elbow to
minimize water contact.
Sealed to prevent water and dust contamination inside.
Positioning the collector ring above the upper elbow ensures that
the brushes are always aligned with the slip rings - no side forces.
Small diameter means less brush wear and longer trouble-free life.
Easy to replace / repair, if needed. Electronic positioning resolver is positively attached and protected
from the elements.
Mechanical controls are easy to adjust.
The same collector ring is used on all pivot points from 6 5/8"
through 10".
The collector ring transfers the incoming 480-volt power to the rotating spans. The 480-volt power is supplied to nonrotating copper rings (one for each conductor). Brushes (one for each conductor) rotate with the spans. The brushes transfer the 480-volt power from the copper rings to the span wire.

Collector Ring
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Collector Ring

Collector Ring
Anhui Irritech Agriculture Equipment Corporation Limited

Anhui Irritech Agriculture Equipment Corporation Limited

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